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My Story

HI! I'm Khrystyna Khristianova and I am a full-time artist , wife & mom based in New Jersey. Art has always brought tremendous joy into my daily life and I decided to turn it into a career. I have a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art from The George Washington University, but a great part of my knowledge I gained from personal researches, books, interviews, trials and errors. It's a great pleasure being able to share my experiences with others which is how I became an art teacher for both kids and adults. I work in a variety of mediums from oil paints to digital designs. My style emerged after combining my traditional art training with contemporary influences while simply remaining exited about the ordinary things hoping that my journey will inspire others ;)


Keeping it easy and insightful!

I've always loved sharing my knowledge and experience with others to help them improve their artistic skills, that is how I started teaching art classes to both kids and adults. But in 2018 I decided to take this passion a step further and start an educational online blog where I can share my tutorials, reviews, receive questions and post answers, etc.

I post my tutorial in all of the mediums that I currently practice which include oils, watercolors, pencils, gouaches and many more. I review art supplies and post only my hones opinions, sharing what supplies I love using and what supplies I don't recommend. Also, I post a lot of art book reviews, sharing with my viewers my book collection and talking about the authors that helped me improve my skills. 

It's an amazing platform for both beginners and professionals, because there is always something to learn and I always welcome questions and suggestions for upcoming content!

Check out my blog and share it with others!

Check out my educational blog

Artist's Trivia

Favorite color : 

I love all of them, but my most favorite is white.

Artist crush: 

It's a tough one, but probably Monet.

Favorite subject to paint: 


Biggest fear:

Darkness! Maybe that's why I paint so many still-lifes with dark backgrounds ;)

The language I would like to learn one day:


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m soo

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