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If you like my style but haven't found anything that fits your particular color palette, size or subject matter, learn about the processes of commissioning an artwork and fill out an inquiry form to start the conversation. I genuinely enjoy this process and love working together to learn more about your preferences and get a sense of the right feeling for your piece.

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The Perfect Piece Made Just For You

Where To Begin

Step 1

Get inspired

Check out the paintings and illustrations in the shop, on Instagram, and in my portfolio. We can discuss why you are drawn towards each piece and how to incorporate that in your commission.

Step 2

Choose size, style and subject matter

Pick size and subject matter for oil paintings or illustrations. If you're looking for a personalized greeting card, tell me about the occasion and the details you would like to include

Step 3

Submit and inquiry

Fill out the inquiry form below and tell me about your ideas and deadlines to get the conversation started.

The Easy 4-step Commissioning Process

Step 1


I will create a custom listing for you on my site and after you pay the downpayment, I will get started on your commission. 

Step 2


After I begin working on your piece I will send a photo of your commission in the early stage where you can submit your feedback and give any recommendation to make sure the color, composition, style feel right to you. It's easier to make any necessary adjustments in the early stage.

Step 3

Finishing touches

As the commission nears the completion, I will send more pictures for your final approval. Based on your feedback, I will add finishing touches to the piece to make sure it fits your vision. Major changes like composition and style won't be possible at this stage, so be sure to give me direct suggestions in the early stages.

Step 4

Final payment and shippment

Once everything is finalized and approved, you will make your final payment and the painting, greeting card or illustration will be on it's way to you. In case with digital illustrations, you will receive a link to download your files.


Let's Talk About Your Ideas

Submit an inquiry form

Tell me a few things about the ideas, colors, wall space, piece size and subject matter that you have in mind, titles of the my paintings/illustrations that you liked or any other information you want me to know about your commission to get the conversation started

Thanks for submitting an inquiry! I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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